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1.  Public Safety – Police and Fire - Public Safety is my number one priority. I propose the following:

  • Cutting costs of other local government programs and placing these funds into the Police and Fire Departments

  • Staffing the Police Department to 95%-100% of its needs

  • Have a discussion on the benefits to the taxpayer of moving city employees from a Defined Benefit program and into a Defined Contribution or 401K program.

  • Increasing Officer Pay to the point that Officers don’t have to take on side work and can enjoy their time not on duty

  • Creating a Reserve Officer program that increases manpower and cuts down on current overtime costs

  • Keeping the neighborhood police officers in the neighborhoods

  • Encouraging residents to take action themselves to stop criminal activity. Examples include new fencing, better locks on storage areas, and more citizens who choose to conceal and carry.

2.  Taxes - I would like to see the total sales tax rate for Springfield residents drop below 7.00%.  I support the reduction of the pension fund tax from 3/4% to 1/4% (See Donegan Pension Plan B from October 2009) and would support stopping the 1/4% CIP program.  I would also support a repeal of Greene County’s Parks Tax to bring the overall tax rate down.

3.  60/65 Development - Click Here


4.  City Utilities Position - Click Here


5.  Red Light Cameras - The cost to keep the Red Light Cameras active will cost Springfield citizens more each year.  The more effective the cameras are as a deterrence, the less money the city will earn from red light violations.  I also have issue with the owner of the vehicle, and not the driver receiving the ticket.  I would repeal of this ordinance if elected. 


6.  Green Building Policy - It's 2011, and 'Green' is still in. Everyone wants to save the Earth from pollution, CO2, and global warming.  I don’t believe the Earth is warming because of anything the Citizens of Springfield, MO are doing on a daily basis, including driving their six-miles-to-the-gallon, full-sized Suburban.  I support building and renovations that are the highest quality at the lowest possible cost, regardless of whether they meet the LEED certification requirements.  I would support green builders’ innovative storm water and energy efficient ideas.

7.  Zoning Regulations – The current matrix system guidelines adopted by the current City Council have created a very specific and more complex zoning structure. The City Council on March 23, 2009, was asked to consider further restrictions on apartment developers regarding the distance between the structure to be built, and the property line of the development.  I support a simpler zoning structure, like the one the city had many years ago that gives developers and builders more latitude regarding building amenities, where to place the proposed buildings, and generally where they can build. As your city councilman, I would continue to encourage developers to work with the residential community around their development.  If the residential community is satisfied, or the developer makes reasonable concessions to satisfy City Council, projects should be allowed to proceed.

8.  Landfill Usage Policy and Recycling – We have a very unique situation in Springfield, MO when it comes to flow control.  We have a very competitive solid waste industry.  Smaller, locally-owned companies use our landfill North of Springfield on Hwy 13.  The two largest solid waste companies have their own facilities many miles from Springfield.  Allied Waste Services and Waste Corporation of Missouri haul their solid waste out of the area because it is cost efficient.  As your city councilman, I would support a private business’ right to decide what’s best for their stakeholders.  I support the current recycling centers in operation.  In the future, the private sector should be able to turn recycled materials into a highly profitable business.  Until then, it is not the place of local government to pour millions of dollars into a retrieval and marketing campaign for the collection and use of recycled goods.

9.  Springfield Branson National Airport – I am glad that the citizens of Springfield have provided for air travel to our front porch via the Airport on West Kearney Street.  I just cannot afford to use it.  I am not alone.  A large number of Springfield residents drive to Tulsa, Kansas City, or St. Louis to save hundreds of dollars on flights.  The proposed Consolidated Rental Car Facility will make car rentals more efficient at the Airport, but it won’t bring down fares. The federal government has allocated funds to build the new airport terminal.  It will be up to us to provide the funds to maintain the terminal.  As your city councilman, I want to take on projects that make sense given the issuance of revenue bonds to pay for the additional infrastructure.


10.  Stimulus Money – If I would not have voted for the stimulus bills if I were your United States Congressman, why would I gladly vote to use stimulus money as a member of Springfield City Council.  I want to send a message to Washington D.C. - thanks but no thanks.


11.  The Downtown Square – Why do some members of the community feel we have to change the way the square looks constantly?   Stop spending OUR taxpayer money downtown in an attempt to please developers who may or may not follow through with development.


12.  Proposed Smoking Ban – I do not support the more restrictive smoking policy that is proposed on the April 5th ballot.  Below is the current smoking ordinance and my thoughts on the smoking ban.

Current Smoking Ordinance

My Thoughts on the Smoking Ban


13. Proposed Alcohol Ban - I do not support the Alcohol ban on the April 5th ballot because it targets one revenue producing movie theater where minors frequent while, at the same time, exempting another revenue producing movie theater downtown where minors are also allowed.  This ban also infringes on a private business owner's right to set policy for his/her business.





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I have been a resident of Springfield, Missouri for 16 years.

I have been married for fourteen years.  Leslie and I have two daughters, Emma and Isabella. 








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